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iOS iPhone App Development

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Best iOS iPhone App Development Institute in Surat

Xplore institute provides best IOS IPhone App Development training course in Surat with most skilled IOS App developers based from Surat. Our Trainers are highly skilled in IOS and relevant courses. . We familiar with company requires so we are giving IOS Training course in Bangalore in more practical method. Xplore institute IOS App Development Trainers provides Practical IOS Course in Classroom training with live project. We provide our IOS Development Course syllabus to fit with the real world demands for both learners level to expert level.

iOS iPhone Application Development Training in Surat

Xplore institute is Located in Surat, Gujarat. We are offering best IPhone App Development Course in Surat with Certificate. Our students is qualified to clear almost all type of job interviews at the first stage after finishing our IPhone App Development Training in Surat. We are a professional IPhone App Developer institute in Surat with Highly Skilled IOS Teachers and Developers. Our IOS IPhone App Training Course is mainly created for student to supporting in job placements too. We have different HR staff experts who will look after all your job interview requirements.

Best iOS iPhone App Development Course in Surat

Our iOS Training Course Fees is very reasonable in comparison to others. We mentioned the course timings and start date as well in below. Learning about the concept, this training course includes every module you will need to learn to develop an excellent apps for the iPhone or iPad. In the training course, you may achieve an excellent guidance of coding, applications, best methods, libraries and ideas regarding IOS Application development. Our iOS App Development training in Surat, Gujarat is an in depth practical teaching course created for newbies. The training course will provide programmers with all the talent necessary to create apps on iPhone/ iPad solutions.
Over 70% of the duration of the training course is giving practical with programming.

Why Join Xplore Institute Classes for iOS iPhone App Development ?
  • This is the best institute where you will be taught to create IOS applications from the beginning. Listed below are the points why you need to join us for your IOS training Classes in Surat.
  • Our qualified teachers will teach you so that you are expert proper to build an app by yourself.
  • We will provide you with the comprehensive guided training lessons and strong programming activities which can help you to create a demo phones app by yourself.
  • With our IOS training in Surat, you may have the ability to match your ideas along with the recent concept that you will understand with us to create valuable mobile phone apps.
  • With us, you get the chance to work on real work. We give unique teaching assistance.


Objective C

• Classes, Properties, Categories and Protocols

• Control statements and loops in objective C

• Working with Arrays and Dictionaries

• Working with Foundation Classes

Understanding run-time environment

• Memory Management

• Understanding the Memory leaks

• Reference counting algorithm


IPhone SDK

• Introduction to iPhone SDK

• Introduction to xcode

• COCOA Touch Framework

• iOS Application Architecture

Views and Views Controller

• View

• View Controller

• View Life cycle

Basic Controls - Labels, Button , TextField , Slider etc.

• Advanced Views and Controller

• TableView

• TableView Controller

• Picker View , Date Picker

• Scroll View

• Web View

• Navigation and Tabbar Controller

Interface Builder

• Understanding Interface builder

• Understanding XIB files

• Creating Outlets and Actions

Data Storage

• Directory structure of an iOS App

• Using SQLite database

• Using Core Data

• Property List

• User Defaults

XML and Web Services

• XML Parser

• JSON Parser

• SOAP based web service

• REST web service

Touches and Gestures

• Handling the touch events

• Handling Gestures


• Playing Audio file

• Playing short sounds

• Playing Video on iPhone


• Displaying Map in iOS App

• Working with Pin Annotations

• Handling the Map region

Working with Storyboard

• Using Storyboard to design the app

• Using Segues

• Passing data from One Controller to another

Handling Different Screen Sizes

• Programmatically controlling the views

• Using springs and struts model

• AutoLayout


• Multithreading in an iOS App

• Using NSThread

• Using GCD ( Grand Central Dispatch )


• NSNotification and NSNotificationCenter

• Working with UILocalNotifications

• APNS ( Apple Push Notification Service ) Overview

Using Camera

• Capturing image using camera

• Getting the images from the Image Gallery

Accessing Device Sensors

• Accelerometer


Mails and SMS

• Sending mail and SMS from an App

Transitioning to the iPad

• SplitView Controller

• PopOver Controller


• Installing and testing an App on iOS Device

• Publishing an app to the App store

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Duration 3 Month
Seat available 30

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