15 Amazing Ways to Promote Business Online in 2020
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15 Amazing Ways to Promote Business Online in 2020

Evolution, as we know it, cuts across various areas of life: technology, medicine, and businesses. The world is fast advancing to the point where people perform transactions online. You can go with the flow, or you can be left behind. But your business should not be a part of what shouldn’t move forward. As the world evolves, so should your business.

15 Amazing Ways to Promote Business Online in 2020

Below are 15 Tips to help Promote your Business online.

Build a Website

One of the ways to promote your business online is to build a website. The advantages of having a website include using it to expand your market and local reach, accessibility to new customers, education of customers, and improvement of productivity. Ensure that your website is mobile friendly and user-responsive. With a good web designer, you’d have all of that and more in check. A website is like an online image of your business, always strive to leave a good impression.

Search Engine Optimization

When your website is ready, an important step is to ensure that your website is search engine friendly. Getting help from SEO experts is a great way to approach that. Look for services around your business locality; they tend to be more helpful as they understand your primary needs and target audience better. Businesses in Australia can look into a reliable SEO Melbourne to help them optimize their website on search engines. A reputable SEO expert like Joel House would run an analysis to see where your business is lacking and provide efficient solutions.

Develop a Strong Online Presence

Social media marketing is a potent tool in boosting your business and maintaining a robust online presence. Create social media accounts and fill them with exciting content that pushes forward the services of your company. Most of these social media platforms allow you to find and set your target audience. If you feel handling your social media accounts is burdensome, you can hire a social media manager to ensure optimum output in that aspect of your online marketing.

Be Innovative

The modality of doing business is dynamic, as it is in other areas too. Think of new ideas that take your business a notch higher. It could be a new idea entirely or an improvement on an existing service. When you figure this out, publicize it. Send your original design through press releases, TV stations. Do that often and have your audience engaged with your unusual way of offering your service or new product.

Attend Business Meet-ups

Professional business meetings and conferences can go a long way to promoting your business. Now, we’re not talking about the meetings and conferences held on-site. Our focus is online. Sign up for online workshops and conferences; this allows you the opportunity to network beyond your locality. A bigger network means more sales, isn’t it?

Offer Free Services

Research has shown that people are willing to take services for free rather than pay for it. In modern-day business, people are likely to look you up on the internet than show up at your office or store. Offering free services serves as a marketing opportunity for your business, one-on-one discussions with your clients. It’s an avenue to explain to enlighten them about your brand, the services it offers, and the benefits of those services in a more detailed form.

Sponsor an Event/Award

An event is one of the ways by which businesses gain recognition and get customers for their business. Your business could co-sponsor an award. It’s an avenue to enlighten people about your business. You could use LinkedIn as an avenue to search for other firms or companies that are interested in doing such collaborations with you. The aim of this is to gain valued recognition in public.

Build a Blog

A blog is a perfect platform to get followers for your business who can later become customers. Through your blog, you can connect with your customers better. An important point to note is to keep your blog continually functioning with exciting content every day. An irregularly working blog is as good as a dead one.

Join a Relevant Group

Ensure to join communities that are relevant and can help your business grow especially online communities. Be involved in the activities of such groups to stay connected. Ensure that your business is also serving a purpose in those groups, else you’d only be stirring unpleasant emotions from the members. Drop a link concerning your business when the atmosphere allows it.

Advertise Via Internet Ads

The internet provides a wide range of tools you can use to promote your business, big or small. Google Adwords, being one of them, has access to millions of people as it’s the most popular and utilized search engine. Other platforms you can use are Yahoo ads and Microsoft ads.

The 80-20 Rule

The 80-20 rule covers a wide range of fields and is not new in the business world. This principle states that 80% of the results gotten come from 20% of the efforts made. The more effort we put into an activity, the more result. Identify customers from whom you derive a large chunk of your income from, and offer them discounts and other services.

Leverage on Media Influencers

Media influencers are fast becoming the new business amplifiers for online businesses. Studies have shown that for each dollar spent on influencers, marketers experience a significant average of returns in their media value. Media influencers are options you would want to consider strongly, and where you can find them the most are on Instagram. Media influencers air their opinions about a lot of things and are not afraid to talk about them. Doing this has gained them the followers and popularity they have. Link up with them and discuss how your business with them.

Create Tutorial Videos or Courses

Some video platforms are great resources for promoting your business on the web. YouTube is a platform you can utilize to reach out to people. If you are just starting, you may have the challenge of building your audience at first, but an excellent place to start is by creating tutorials that are useful to people. Make sure your video quality is high, especially in screen sharing. Do well also to drop a link that will refer your audience to your web page.

Utilize Online Websites to Get Your Content Out

Some websites are reputable for delivering high-quality content to their readers. Medium is an excellent example of such sites. When considering these platforms, ensure to write a high-quality piece of report or material about your business. Ensure it has keywords that can direct people to your website without any fuss. It should be engaging and insightful. If you do it right, then you’re good to go.

Organize a Webinar

Organizing a webinar allows people to attend your internet-based seminar from home or wherever they are. They can ask you questions and interact with other members on the platform too. It gets better if you have authority in your area of business. Webinars give you access to a broad audience and engage them. The more the audience, the higher your target-reach. If you deliver it well, it adds more value to the authority you already. It can serve as a stepping stone to being invited for other seminars and talk shows.


There are other ways in which you can promote your business online. The ones provided above are specific ways to give your business the boost it needs for your sales and recognition.

Ensure to make use of them, and your business is on the road to experience a positive change.

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