5 Must-Know Blogging Tips You Should Consider In 2020
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5 Must-Know Blogging Tips You Should Consider In 2020

Blogging is one of the most emerging trends these days. Millions of people are running their own blogging sites. I’ve talked to a number of bloggers and discussed the difficulties they faced while starting blogs.

I asked them to tell some professional tips for our new bloggers so that they won’t face any difficulty while writing and publishing blogs. It has been estimated that more than 410 million people view nearly 25 billion pages each month, according to WordPress. There are several different niches that you can write on and earn revenue from them.

Before moving forward, you must know whether you are starting blogs as a habit or for earning revenue. Because in case of sharing personal experiences, you are more friendly with the reader but in some other situations you will have to adopt a formal tone.

5 Must-Know Blogging Tips You Should Consider In 2020

Here are Some Experts Tips for Fresh Bloggers who are Planning to Start Blogging

Suitable Platform

When you decide to start a blog, a lot of relevant things come in mind like blogging platforms, domain names, hosting charges, etc. Usually, blogging doesn’t require a lot of investment if you choose the right platform.

There is a list of platforms like WordPress, Wix, and blogger, which provide free as well as premium blogging options. If you want a personalized platform with greater features then you should choose WordPress. It is trusted by all WordPress developers because of its plugins, themes, and features. You can also select Wix or Blogger but they don’t have as many features as WordPress have.

But still, it totally depends on you and your financial position to choose any blogging platform.

Your Blogging Niche

Blogging niche matters a lot, because it is actually the topics you will write on. Most fresh bloggers select a random niche and start writing on them, which is a completely wrong approach. The selection of the blogging niche depends on various factors like:

  • Do you have complete knowledge of the relevant niche?
  • Is the niche trending or not?
  • Does it require previous experience?

All of these 3 factors must be fulfilled in order to boost up your writing skills. Blogging isn’t about writing on any topic instead it is about doing research on a single topic and then writing on it.

Blogging Is All About Time

Successful blogging is all about time, dedication, and consistency. It doesn’t matter if you are writing blogs to earn revenue or doing it as a habit, it takes your time and dedication in either way. If you want the world to read your life experiences, you will have to invest your time in it.

From creating content to market your content, everything requires a specific time. As a blogger, you will have to do research on SEO keywords, trending topics, and marketing strategies. All of these steps require time.

Additionally, consistency is a must thing in blogging. You should plan, how many times you will publish a blog in a week. Don’t be too slow and don’t be so fast. Try to post 2-3 blogs per week because that’s the average rate used by professional bloggers.

Act Like A Reader

While writing blogs, consider yourself a reader. It is like putting yourself in a new pair of shoes. It will help you to find out which things need improvements in your blogs and which things are delivered perfectly.

After completing your blog, read it from top to bottom and figure out whether your tone is friendly, formal, or dry. 90% of the visitors give up on your blogs because of the dry tone you deliver in your blogs. People need something friendly, something engaging.

While we are writing, we forget that someone is on the other side who will read our blogs. So, it is necessary to think of yourself as a reader while writing your blogs.

Your Website’s Design and Text Font

Keep in mind, your website’s design and text font matter a lot. People expect something attractive. If your content style is not consistent with your website’s design, people may avoid reading it. If you are using any blogging platform, you can choose a sophisticated theme for your website or you can hire a WordPress developer if that doesn’t affect your budget.

Additionally, while writing blogs, select a sophisticated and formal font style. Mostly, fresh bloggers select stylish fonts, which don’t work well with the website design and ruin the user experience. So, you should be careful while selecting a web design and text font for your blogging site.

The Bottom Line:

All of the above-mentioned tips are suggested by blogging professionals. If you still want some more tips for writing blogs, you can contact Two Runs experienced bloggers. They will guide you in the best possible manner in case of any queries from your side.

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