5 Powerful Plugins for WordPress You Must Check
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5 Powerful Plugins for WordPress You Must Check

They’re like millions of WordPress plugins that are essential to boost your website and enhance your work. By using the best WordPress services, they add such tools on your WordPress website for additional functionalities, such as security, analytics, and optimization. Here we have picked the five powerful plugins that we strongly feel that are worth checking out.

5 Powerful Plugins for WordPress You Must Check


Those who are planning to have an online business, or already do, must check this open-source online solution. You can download the tool and use it for free. It has a built-in analytic plugin that monitors the performance of your website. Due to its extensive library, it makes the plugin versatile by creating a live chat, automating the sales tax, using an added currency converter, and many more. Other features include:


  • By the use of modular blocks, it integrates commerce and your content across the website.
  • Offers various secure payment options that include PayPal, Stripe, and Square.
  • It comes with extensions of configurable shipping, payments, and other options, such as product management.
  • Has a rich product management tool that includes; stock tracking, email templates, and refunds.
  • With this tool, you can also sell the physically available products, get subscriptions, and affiliate products.
  • It is good to note that; although it is a free downloadable tool, you can pay for a premium package to avail of its maximum functionalities.

Yoast SEO

It is the most popular tool when you need to improve your SEO. Analyzes the content readability, which helps to retain your visitors. It enables you to publish high-quality content. It also lets you control titles, meta descriptions, and much more. It has helped over a million websites to rank higher in their search engine.

5 Powerful Plugins for WordPress You Must Check


  • Optimizes the WordPress posts
  • Efficiently Improves the content optimized
  • Improves the readability of your content for your visitors to understand
  • Revive old posts
  • Updates web analysis upon SEO changes
  • Helps to build the XML Sitemaps that are most advanced
  • Sets the keywords of your target and keeps tracking how you are utilizing them

If you need more extra functions like internal linking while writing, synonyms options, and redirect manager instead of facing the 404-page error, then you need a premium version of Yoast SEO.


An all in one device that comes with multiple benefits of great feature functions. This inbuilt WordPress tool has a packed SEO that improves your website ranking, from the high traffic generated. It offers security to your site and enhances performance. The free version of Jetpack can sufficiently serve you with essential features of its 35 modules. Some of those include; Google analytics, contact forms, custom CSS, and much more. However, if you are looking for a wide range of other functionalities, then you must check a premium version.


  • Overall website analysis, by the use of analytics tool
  • Offers Malware protection
  • Uses contact forms that help you during your visitor’s interaction. It also includes social sharing and an advanced commenting section.
  • Custom CSS allows modification, editing, and customization of the CSS files.
  • Publicize modules that handle social media sharing across multiple platforms.

It is easy to configure this feature. From dashboard>Jetpack>settings>publicize>activate. To configure it, you will navigate to the page where you will find the sharing settings. Dashboard>settings>sharing. Now you can connect your page to your preferred network.

5 Powerful Plugins for WordPress You Must Check

W3 Total Cache

Using the W3 total cache will save you from losing your site’s visitors. It ultimately helps to retain them due to your impressive website’s speed. Implements a CDN, Content Delivery Network, to enable the user’s browser, access your website by using the closest server. Ultimately, the page loading becomes quicker.

Featured Tasks

  • WordPress elements such as pages, posts, feeds, and pages of search results are cached.
  • It employs EMP to help reduce the loading speed of mobile sites.
  • Compresses and minifies, your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and reduces an 80% bandwidth.

You can download a free version of this tool; however, to access a myriad of functionalities, purchase a premium version that goes for $ 99 yearly.

GADWP Plugin

The Google Analytics Dashboard for WP plugin monitors your site’s performance and shows alerts on your dashboard. They are easy to use and customizable. Presents a stylish panel of real-time metrics that track; traffic sources, visitors, and acquisition channels. It offers detailed analytics of page views, the bounce rate, and many more.


  • Supports Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • It provides real-time reports for acquisition channels and the total number of visitors on your site.
  • It helps to track your site’s essential events, like downloads, outboard links, and emails.
  • It gives a detailed report on bounce rates, organic search, error stats, and more.
  • Makes configuration of date range, comparison sets, and all other types you want to.
  • Online stores can also appreciate this tool, as it has WooCommerce compatibility.

In conclusion, don’t be overwhelmed by choosing a WordPress plugin. Start checking our top best that we have covered in this article, and eventually, they will lead you to others. Get the best WordPress service providers and enjoy the ease of use. Benefit more by extending your site’s functionalities using these plugins.

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