6 World’s Most Famous Amazing Logos ever Designed
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6 World’s Most Famous Amazing Logos ever Designed

A logo is the entryway of a business. It has the energy to greet its customers without saying a word. A logo is a simplified icon of the visual identity of a brand. At this time, the competition among brands is quite high because now people swear by one or a few brands in their lifestyle. This is where logos come in to differentiate their products in the market. Though a logo may not be the only most important element of branding, it makes your brand recognizable.

Here are Some of the World’s Most Famous Logos ever Designed


FedEx logo is used as an example of simplicity and effectiveness in logo designing articles and textbooks. It was originally designed in 1973 on a patterned blue background with a blue wordmark. But with time, the typeface and colors changed and in 1994 the brand introduced the logo that we know as FedEx today where the exemplary white arrow present between the Ex of FedEx. Most people don’t recognize there is an arrow, but when you see it, there is no unseeing it.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is one of the most iconic logos in the world and this mouse is unquestionably the favorite of all. Its curves and round shape glorify Mickey’s good and friendly character similarly to Disneyland. Disneyland is said to be the happiest place on the globe.


The textless logo, Nike gives a great lesson about conveying your message or attributes via just a design. This checkmark or swoosh means speed and motion which totally defines the sporty brand. Only a few textless logos in the world have stood alone. This can only happen if it is done right and Nike has done a spectacular job in logo designing.


The only better way to design Target’s logo is by using a real target. Target’s logo is simple and emits a stronger and deeper passion. This logo has become prominent because of its remarkable simplicity and red color. This is one of the most impressive and minimalist brand logo found in the world.


Pepsi, the famous beverage brand was launched in 1898 which evolved through decades from just being a beautiful typed font to the red, blue, and white sphere that is known as Pepsi today. While the fonts and icon of the logo are used for branding, the striking taste of the drink is still on top of the list.


Coca-Cola is the world’s most renowned cola brand and is always in competition with Pepsi. Coca-Cola’s logo is another huge example of typeface and font logo. The customized script font is all about happiness and this brand has remained consistent over the years in timelessly pleasing its customers.

These logos of world-famous brands speak simplicity and minimalism themselves and give the message of having a greater impact by saying less. If you are a beginner or need a good command on the art of logo designing, learn from the biggest tycoons.

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