7 Marketing Strategies to Expand your Brand Reach
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7 Marketing Strategies to Expand your Brand Reach

You cannot take your brand beyond a certain orbit unless you have an effective marketing strategy.


Let us make it clear.

It is essential for a brand to attract customers. After all, sales are the prime factor of profit. More sales mean more profit. More profit means a bigger budget to launch a brand on a global level.

This is the reason why business owners invest in a branding and marketing agency. This is the reason why you find a Branding Company in Dubai, San Francisco, London, Dallas, New York, and almost every other part of the world.

There are top branding agencies in Dubai, New York, Barcelona, Sydney, and almost every other major cities that are known for their unique marketing strategies.

To help you more with this,

We Present you with 7 Marketing Strategies to Expand your Brand Reach

Niche marketing: Most of the brands focus on a global expansion but ignore the importance of a niche market. They failed to mark their effective presence in the mind of a certain demographic, psychographic, and geographic customers.

The main focus of a niche market is on customers who belong to a specific region. It includes a particular product of a certain price range. If we go in detail, it refers to selling a specific product to a specific user at a specific price.

The basic idea behind this strategy is to stay ahead of the competition. It is a technique that can help you to capture the market. Once this strategy works, your brand will be sufficient enough to expand further.

Haven’t you seen a lot of sports channels but there is only one or two that only focus on cricket. This is what we called niche marketing.

Social media marketing: When it comes to social media marketing there is no match to the popularity that your brand is going to earn. With 3.96 billion current active social media users, it is one of the biggest platforms to take your brand to the next level.

Within the past few years, the number of social media users has increased at an alarming rate. This rate is further increasing at a rapid rate. This means you are getting one of the biggest and inexpensive platforms to reach customers in every corner of the world.

The prime advantage of using social media platforms is the ease of getting free advocacy. What you need to do, is to offer better quality products and services. Once the customers find your products or services impressive, they will willingly promote your brand.

They will post, tweet, share your links, etc with their known ones. You need not approach them. They will be self-motivated to do this task for your brand.

social media marketing

Push notifications: Most of the brand owners neglect push notifications. They use traditional methods of marketing. But this is a digital marketing era, where most of the world population owns smartphones and other digital gadgets. This means you can reach your audience instantly throughout the world.

Push notifications are special messages that carry the ability to carry rich media. You can add images, text, graphics, videos, emojis, gifs, etc. This increases the chances of a rapid action from a user side. The eye-catchy effect produced by push notifications motivates customers to take instant action.

Moreover, segmentation and personalization are other features of push notifications that make it more effective. Segmentation provides you an ability to send automated push notifications to the audience on the basis of gender, age, region, etc.

Personalization provides you an ability to send personalized and timely notifications based on the interest of the users. This factor increases the chances of a sale right on the spot.

push notifications

Cross-promotion marketing: This term may sound new to you, but it is an effective marketing strategy. In this strategy, two or more products or services are advertised in a single advertisement. It prevents time, energy, and money.

Not only this, but you can also collaborate with other companies. In this way, the companies can together show their presence in a single ad. The thing is, you can use the rub-off effect to your advantage. This will bring the popularity and trust of a renowned company to partner companies.

Haven’t you seen luxurious cars with a label of a branded sound system? This is what we called cross-promotion marketing.

Target multiple audiences: There is a variety of audiences with each having their own personal interests. You are required to target multiple audiences at a time and prevent going with a single group of audience.

There is some audience that is interested in social media, some interested in surfing, some in reading, some in watching videos, and so on.

Make sure to show your presence via video advertising, blogging, social media ads, and so on. This will help you to sail ahead swiftly without worrying to draw results from any specific audience.

Discounts, giveaways, free-trials: This era is full of competition. If you are looking for a good Return on Investment (ROI), discounts, giveaways, and free-trials are a good option to go with.

Haven’t you seen stores full of customers when there are flat sales?

This is the effect of discounts. This not only helps to draw more customers to your platform but also nurtures your relationship with customers. It helps in creating loyalty for your brand.

discounts, giveaways, free trials

Focus on image and videos: Visual elements are more effective than any other means of advertising. You are required to show your visual presence on various platforms. You can also go with traditional methods of marketing in which big banners are used.

You can take the help of your brand logo to mark your presence. You can also go with video tutorials in which you can educate the audience about some useful content. You can also create your short brand stories in the form of videos for circulating among the audience.

Conclusion: When it comes to marketing strategies to expand your brand, a lot of options are available in the market. You can hire a branding and marketing agency to get timely and effective results. But when it comes to effective strategies there are only a few. Some of those strategies were presented to you here

Author Bio: Brandingby8 is one of the top branding agencies in Dubai. It is known for its unique marketing strategies that are capable enough to take your brand on a global level.

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