Six Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022
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Six Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

While digital marketing is constantly developing and growing, 2022 will likely see some radical changes. So not only must businesses and brands plan ahead of digital marketing, but they must also be prepared to capitalise on it. The following are the top 12 digital marketing trends to watch in 2022, along with tips on leveraging them to your benefit.

Digital Marketing Trends

1. Meta will be everywhere:

Meta has been officially a new name for Facebook. While choosing a name for the parent business makes sense, it is the decision that is important here. Facebook is placing a large wager on the Metaverse, which is a phrase that refers to virtual and augmented reality experiences in general. This is a significant wager on the modern world.

Facebook has been at the forefront of virtual reality technology development for the past year, and its recent rebranding as “Meta” demonstrates that the business is committed to progressing, or dive, in virtual reality software development as well.

Although Mark Zuckerberg envisions more than solely the construction of a network of virtual reality worlds in his new Meta keynote, he believes that the future will be more virtual in nature. Meta’s vision for human connectedness, which exists outside of the realms of augmented and virtual reality, calls into question the very definition of “real life.”

And we can see that a technology that was previously reserved for gamers may soon become something a lot more ubiquitous and generally relevant to a broader audience.

2. Marketing using small influencers:

As reported by Hubspot, 35 percent of marketing experts believe influencer marketing is the most important trend to be exploited in the near future. Another 21 percent expect to raise their spending in this area in the upcoming year.

Although influencer marketing has been around for quite a while, it is developing, with more focus being placed on local influencers who can really illustrate a brand’s value and demonstrate how buyers can get the most from a product or service, according to the latest research.

An influencer does not necessarily have to be someone who has a large number of followers; rather, it applies to someone who has a platform. In fact, the emergence of micro-influencers is predicted to be the new game-changer in influencer marketing. It is revealed that influencers with 25,000 followers or less generate the highest levels of engagement from their audiences.

It is possible to achieve a considerably higher return on investment by working with an influencer who connects with your business and who has a small but loyal following, rather than spending money on promotions with some of the top stars in influencer marketing.

Individuals, particularly B2B customers, desire legitimacy most from their online material, and small-time influencers may do this more competently than those with a large number of followers on social media platforms. In addition, by working with micro-influencers, you may establish a stronger long-term connection that might lead to continuous collaboration on campaigns in the future.

3. Data Protection In Digital Marketing:

Modern digital advertisements rely largely on data in order to be automatically optimised. However, several new privacy rules, such as the iOS update and the anticipated abolition of cookies, have resulted in a decrease in the amount of data utilised in artificial intelligence.

These days, the problem of data protection is seldom far from the headlines of newspapers and magazines. It seems like every week, another well-known corporation or brand is forced to acknowledge a big data security compromise publicly.

In addition, governments throughout the world are responding to rising consumer demand to take action on data privacy by enacting legislation. As a result, customers’ demands alone have risen to unprecedented levels, as has their awareness and understanding of how enterprises collect and handle their personal information.

It’s common for us to utilise digital services, contact with people, and share files and info without giving a second thought to where such items could be physically kept. However, as our lives grow more technology driven and as the significance of these technologies expands, regulatory authorities are now coming up with the pace of innovation.

Global pressure is mounting on authorities to pass more extensive database privacy legislation in relation to growing public concerns about how sensitive data and digital activities are being collected, kept, and utilised.

Marketers should consider the implications of this for their advertising and take proactive steps to mitigate the consequences.

4. Marketers Become More Strategic In Their Approach:

Marketing has to grow highly strategic as a result of the technology, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics that are taking away much of the grunt labour of digital marketing. The number of possibilities available in digital marketing continues to expand.

The importance of effective digital marketing strategy has never been greater than it is today. Because the vast majority of marketplaces are already oversaturated, it is very important to differentiate yourself from the competitors if you wish to succeed in the marketplace today.

A good digital marketing plan may assist you in steering the boat and ensuring that your company is headed in the proper path at all times.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a more practical reason to have a great digital marketing plan. It is an important one. And besides, it is via your digital marketing strategy that search engines are able to link you with your target audience.

When searching for answers, consumers (particularly your prospective clients) rely on the strength of search engines such as Google to locate them using various keyword strings. Therefore, companies who have previously created a good digital marketing plan will eventually rank at the top of search results pages and gain quality visitors to their websites.

Making a solid digital marketing plan and putting it into action is one of the most effective strategies to progressively improve search results and increase organic traffic for your company.

With digital marketing, you have the freedom to pick the theme, approach, and general strategy that best reflects your persona and helps you develop a solid brand identification among your core demographic.

Marketers must think strategically in order to concentrate on the factors that are truly driving their company’s success.

5. LinkedIn’s growth will be more passive in 2022:

LinkedIn has maintained its position as a rising star in the digital sphere. Every quarter, they report significant increases in the number of weekly active users and engagements on the site. Additionally, they are always introducing new tools that help businesses, and pages get better results on the internet.

As is customary, LinkedIn is the most popular social media network for distributing both organic and sponsored business-to-business material. And, as is customary in this poll, B2B content marketers ranked it as the most beneficial for both purposes.

When it comes to generating outcomes through sponsored social media, LinkedIn outperformed the next-highest-rated site by a whopping 25% margin. Marketers should invest their time and resources on LinkedIn.

6. Jobs in the digital sector are continuing to expand:

According to LinkedIn, the most in-demand talents are those related to digital technology. However, there is a significant skills shortage between the amount of organisations looking for digital talents and the amount of digital skills available on the market today.

Employment will rebound after the economic activity has completely resumed operation in 2022, but it will necessitate the creation of a new complementary pool of talent, notably in the digitally savvy category.

Also noted was the fact that both businesses and employees are becoming more receptive to hybrid working conditions, as there will be an increase in the number of job searchers looking for firms that provide flexible labor arrangements.

These have also resulted in an increase in the trend for a skilled workforce who expertise in a data centre, protection, and other new technologies, as well as an increase in the demand for data scientists and researchers on top of computer developers for medium- to large-sized businesses seeking to utilize big data, as well as for data scientists and engineers.

Most industries will seek digital positions in the near future, notably in the domains of digital marketing and e-commerce, in order to stay up with technological advancements.

It is recommended that marketers upgrade their skills in order to remain relevant and that CEOs develop digital upskilling initiatives for their organizations.

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