Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing [ A Detailed Infographic ]
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Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing [ A Detailed Infographic ]

How will you differentiate traditional marketing from digital marketing? When the marketing message encountered by the audience comes from newspapers and magazines then is termed as traditional marketing. On the other hand, if the same message comes from websites or social media then it is termed as digital marketing.

If you think that it is old fashioned to use traditional marketing then you are not right. The needs of people’s daily life can still be fulfilled with it.

Digital marketing also has so much importance in our daily life. With the use of the internet, it fulfills almost all the needs of our daily life.

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing [ A Detailed Infographic ]

Pros and Cons of Traditional Marketing

The marketers give less value to this marketing because of the increased use and demand for social media. But the daily life of the consumer still has many places for this type of marketing. You can spend your money on prime-time TV and magazines for your campaign and can get success also.

Channels used by traditional marketing are:

  • Telemarketing (Text message and phone)
  • Direct mail
  • Print (Newspapers and magazines)
  • Broadcasting (Radio and TV)
  • Outdoor (Posters, taxi/bus wraps, and billboards)


You can understand it very easily and it is impactful

In the daily life of people, a normal role is played by an attractive TV commercial or by a billboard that looks bold visually. These can be very entertaining and you can digest them easily.

The information contained in printed marketing material can not be destroyed easily

Until the recycling of an important magazine is not done all the information contained in it will remain safe. The people who have a lot of interest in collecting magazines will get so much benefit.

It is unforgettable

If you have seen a particular thing in real life then it will be more memorable to you. A window display that is impressive and beautiful will be unforgettable.


Measuring campaigns is more difficult

The tools used for measuring its campaigns are not so much advanced.

It costs more

The marketing of a brand that is new and is not so popular can cost you a lot more money.

Your communication with the consumer is not direct

You will not easily get the information about the marketing efforts made for the audience.

Pros and Cons of Digital Marketing


Greater chances of engagement

If you have made efforts for marketing and branding then the thinking of your audience about it can be seen physically by making the use of social media channels. If you are receiving many positive comments, likes, and shares for your marketing then these are good signs for you.

Your campaigns can be measured easily

With the use of so many advanced tools, its campaigns can be measured easily.

Ease of clever targeting

By creating perfect content, you can target the required audience.


It can be annoying for people to see digital ads

Suppose you want to see the posts of your friends on Facebook and suddenly you saw a digital ad-related with diabetes that you have searched earlier on the search engine then you will definitely not like it.

These are not everlasting

Promo emails, banners, and Google ads do not last forever. These can be easily ignored by the people.

Which is better for you?

There are problems as well as benefits in these two kinds of marketing. Your decision to select a particular type of marketing should be based on the target audience and the budget that you have.

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