Double Instagram Engagement Rates to Boost Sales Conversions
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Double Instagram Engagement Rates to Boost Sales Conversions

Only having a profile on Instagram is not enough for businesses these days. The important question you must ask yourself if you are a business owner on Instagram- are you engaging your followers and visitors proactively on the platform?

Instagram recently turned 10 years in 2020, and ever since its inception by Kevin Systrom in 2010, and it has grown exponentially in users and popularity. Today, there are over one billion users on Instagram, and you can boost web traffic from this social media platform if you engage them well.

Most business owners know the importance of customer engagement for boosting sales and revenue. Unfortunately, few know how to do it well. This post will help you get salient tips on double your engagement rates on Instagram to boost sales conversions effectively.

Read on to find out!

Double Instagram Engagement Rates to Boost Sales Conversions

What is Instagram Engagement?

Before getting into the main subject, you must understand what Instagram engagement means.

Instagram engagement refers to the quantitative measure of how your users interact with the content you post on your profile. It considers the number of likes, followers, comments, and shares you have for every post.

Calculation of engagement rates involves dividing your Instagram account’s likes and comments by the number of followers you have.

The importance of Instagram Engagement rate

Instagram engagement rate measures your audience’s interest, the relevance of your business brand, and social authority online.  Let us take a look at them one by one-

  • Your audience’s interest – If the content you post appeals to your targeted audience, its engagement rate will be high. In case you delay reviewing content that performs well, you will not know what your audience likes. You should examine the content with the most shares, comments, likes, and saves. High impressions also matter, but they depict the content you have posted has been viewed many times. On the other hand, engagement can be defined as the concrete interactions that users have had with the posts you have published.
  • Relevance – When you have good and high engagement rates, your audience respects you as a relevant source of valuable information. They will visit your Instagram profile more than your competitors to get access to your content. Do not become complacent with high engagement content and stop reviewing it.

It might be successful today, but after three months, it may not. Be aware and ensure that you post relevant content that ropes in users and brings you more Instagram likes, comments, and shares.

Social authority- When you have identified your targeted audience on Instagram, it is time for you to add more followers to your list. You can purchase real likes, followers, and views from to boost web traffic and engagement if you are a new business or have a small number of likes, views, and followers that fails to invoke a first positive impression. New visitors to your Instagram profile page often see the number of likes, comments, and shares you have on a post before deciding whether to follow you or not. If they notice you have a solid user engagement for your brand, they start to follow you irrespective of your online social authority.

Powerful tips to boost Instagram user engagements for your business

Now, the real work begins. The following are some powerful tips that will help you boost user engagements on Instagram to improve sales conversions with success-

Make sure your branding is consistent – Your branding must be consistent. So, ensure-

  • The user name you use on Instagram is the same as other social media platforms
  • The content posted by you should be consistent and relevant to your business niche
  • The typography, font, and backgrounds you use for posting content should be the same
  • The photo filter you use for your posts on Instagram should be the same for everything you publish

When your profile maintains a consistent branding, it looks aesthetically good to the targeted audience and your existing followers’ existing base.

Know your audience – You cannot boost Instagram engagement rates if you do not know your audience well. So-

  • Develop Instagram personas
  • Invest time to monitor their statistics
  • Update their personas as per these figures
  • Optimize Instagram Insights to get a better understanding of your targeted audience
  • For a business account on Instagram, check the audience tab under the Insights menu.
  • Optimize accessibility tools on Instagram and add them to your captions and alt text.

Post content regularly – When you understand and know your targeted audience well, the next step is to post content they will enjoy seeing. This should be done regularly. So,

  • Find out the best time of the day to post content (the ideal time is generally when most of your followers are online)
  • Refer to Instagram Insights for knowing the best hours and days to post content
  • Never post content too frequently.
  • This will overwhelm your followers, and they stop following your feeds on Instagram.

Improve Instagram captions – Ensure your Instagram captions are crafted well. So,

  • Keep your captions short and interesting
  • Use the business brand voice to maintain consistency
  • Use quality and relevant hashtags in your captions
  • Hashtags should be a blend of primary and secondary keywords to boost visibility and engagement

Interact with your followers – When you have posted the content on your profile, interact with your followers. Here,

  • Turn on the commenting option
  • Reply to all your follower comments
  • Share user-generated content to boost engagement

Therefore, from the above, it is evident that user engagement is essential on Instagram. You must ensure that you follow the key points listed above to double your engagement rates and gain a competitive edge in the market. Do not forget to engage and interact with similar business accounts in your niche. If you are an established brand, you can team up with social media influencers and promote your business brand for a wider reach. Create mixed posts of images, videos, Instagram Stories, etc., to boost engagement and online visibility with success!

Author’s Bio:

Walter Moore is a writer and a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer who has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain with his effective marketing strategies and guidance

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