Ecommerce Content Optimization: Tools to Make it Faster
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E Commerce Content Optimization: Tools to Make it Faster

Owning an online business, regardless of the size and type, demands awareness and integration of different ecommerce marketing services and tactics. Successful and strategic approaches promise more sales and profits. As content marketing is one of the powerful tactics to target, educate and inform people, you need to follow a comprehensive guide of content optimization. If the process of optimization is not done properly, even the most stunning content will fail to reach its audience. In order to deliver your users more attractive, useful and quality information and provide a great user experience for them, you need to fix and improve every small technical aspect of your content. Besides, optimized content has higher chances to rank.

E Commerce Content Optimization: Tools to Make it Faster

7 Powerful Tools which will make the Process more Effective

Google Analytics

Being an extremely powerful tool, Google Analytics can be your great helper in your content marketing strategy. Besides that it is useful for the optimization of your current content, but through it you will be able to discover new content opportunities for your business.

The tool allows you to measure the effectiveness of your content. You can find out the most viewed content and use the information to concentrate your efforts on the type of content which your audience is interested in as well as find out content ideas that your customers are searching for.


Since image optimization plays a role both in user experience and SEO, and as a quality and relevant image are crucial for all parts of your business, using a great tool like Canva is essential. It will help you to get the image type that your website needs.

Due to its amazing opportunities, the tool will help you to create attractive and relevant images, which will make your content strategies even more powerful.


Another important aspect of your content strategy is keywords. Measuring the effectiveness of your keywords and checking keyword stuffing is possible due to Copywritely. It will show you if you have chosen a good strategy for your keyword use and whether you do not overuse them.

Due to text analysis and content optimization, the tool allows you to check content issues and fix them. It will help in making your content effective for the users and get search engine ranking.


To avoid plagiarism and develop more attractive mistake-free content, using Grammarly is among the most effective options. It is cutting-edge technology, powered with the greatest techniques for providing innovative writing.

Since grammar mistakes can harm your SEO ranking and leave a major impact on the effectiveness of your content, using the tool will keep you away from them and will improve your experience. It uses advanced machine learning and deep learning approaches and helps in making your offerings more attractive.


In order to get information based on the greatest trends in your industry, BuzzSumo is a powerful solution. Discovering the most demanded topics will help in better targeting your customers. Among its powerful functions that your eCommerce store needs are finding content, researching the competition effectively, generating ideas as well as monitoring your efforts and discovering influencers.

Besides, the tool gives you proper information about the most shared content. You will as well get content alerts, find out your competitors’ posts and their performance, as well as make an analysis based on their results.


One of the best and well-known tools among the marketers is SEMrush, This SEO tool gives a number of opportunities to the user: from effective keyword research to a great keyword strategy, from a deep understanding of your competitors to an SEO audit.

Using this tool will also help in your link-building strategy. Due to it you will improve your SEO performance, identify your strong and weak points, as well as improve your marketing efforts.


For getting a cost-effective way to your email-marketing, GetResponse is a powerful solution. This tool gives you many opportunities, among which creating a mailing list and capturing data, automating your emails, analyzing statistics on your marketing campaigns, etc..

Since email marketing is an essential marketing technique, leading it effectively will broaden your chances. Hence, due to this tool you will make your campaign more strategic and efficient.


While content marketing and SEO seem to be different parts of digital marketing, they greatly work together. SEO provides the technical processes of your website as well as driving much traffic through its strategies it attracts search engines to rank high and gain visibility.

While content is meant to educate and target the traffic, that you have driven through SEO. Focusing on valuable and actionable strategies as well as effective optimization techniques, your business will gain high leads and growth.

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