How Can Influencer Marketing Boost Your Sports Brand?
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How Can Influencer Marketing Boost Your Sports Brand?

Surely you have ever heard of influencer marketing. This term is on everyone’s lips as many brands are betting on this type of advertising to connect to increase their sales. Following other brands, sports brands are now getting closer to this influencer marketing.

Social media has dramatically changed the way brands approach their consumers. Today any company has its own social network profile on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Likewise, it is estimated that around 83% of consumers trust the recommendation of their friends and acquaintances. While 66% take into account the opinion that other users post on the internet.

This is how companies have discovered the way to influence many people in a very direct way: Influencers.

How Can Influencer Marketing Boost Your Sports Brand?

What is an Influencer?

He is a person who uses different channels of social networks to make a community. He has managed to build great credibility for his strong online presence, exerting a great influence on his opinion.

The term “Influencers” is an Anglo-Saxon term that was born in the world of marketing. It refers to someone who has influence over a community, in which his followers remain attentive to everything or what this person says and recommends.

This is new?

Although it may not seem like it, influencer marketing is older than you think. Brands have long had the help of influential celebrities in their advertising campaigns.

This is how, in 1927, the English swimmer Mercedes Gleitze crossed the English Channel with a Rolex Oyster watch on her wrist.

Does an influencer have a greater impact than a famous actress?

So, influencers become more relevant over time, by connecting with their audience in a more personal way than a celebrity. The user in social networks sees celebrities as unreachable while influencing as a friend, an equal.

Characteristics Of An Influencer

Being an influencer is not an easy job. Developing the skills and knowledge to evolve in this profession can take years. To reach this goal you must have certain characteristics:

Trust and credibility: If you convey confidence, security and show that they can believe what you say, they are more likely to follow your recommendations.

Natural ability to communicate: Socializing is the key to this opinion leader. Your communication must be fluid and natural, with simple and clear language.

Subject Mastery:  Nobody wants to listen to someone who does not know about the topic they are talking about. Knowledge and consistency are essential to maintain credibility and increase followers.

Contact and reciprocity: Unlike the remote profiles of celebrities, the influencer maintains direct feedback with his followers, generating engagement.

Constancy and planning: The discipline in the publications being planned and constant is very important to stay in the marketing game. Giving priority to quality and not quantity.

Empathy and naturalness in your speech:  Taking into account the topics suggested by the followers, where they feel identified, will increase the traffic on the influencer’s network.

Creativity and aesthetics: The publications have to be innovative and creative while maintaining a unique and personal style of the influencer.

What Does An Influencer Bring To Sports Brand?

Influencer marketing is not a small thing that will finish in a limited bound. It is a huge thing that can come with so many benefits. There are so many live examples that influencers can grow your business online and offline with a proper strategy. In the same role for sports brands, influencer marketing can help one expand the opportunity with a big possibility.  With influencer marketing and a suitable influencer, you can raise your brand value.

For example, CR7 can make your brand more active then advertise on radio or Television. So you have to broadcast your visual through an influencer marketing way so that you can use the core power of it. If you apply the influencer marketing strategy over your sports brands you can get at least:

It is a more natural and direct type of advertising, in which the target audience does not feel saturated with ads. Also with influencer marketing, you can avoid Banner blindness, which ignores advertising information.

Influencer Marketing Strategies

It is a collaborative strategy between companies and influential or relevant people in a sector. Both benefit from collaborating together. In which both benefit from collaborating together-We refer to a real collaboration where both parties win equally.

How To Make A Good Influencer Marketing Strategy?

Choose the Right Influencer

First, you must create a map of possible influencers that adapt to the image you want to project. Being very careful with the choice to choose someone familiar with the product.

For this reason, if you sell sporting goods, rely on users who are within this niche.

The sum of the efforts of both will be what will boost your brand and will allow you to cover a greater reach in your market niche.

Create Quality Content

Then you must ensure that the influencer has as a priority creating quality content. To achieve good content it is important that you take into account three factors:

  • Needs and interests of your target audience.
  • The opinion of the influencers who put their personal stamp.
  • Unique characteristics of your brand and in articulating the product.

Uniting these factors, plus the aesthetics and style of the publication will make an attractive post with content.

Measure the Impact of your Campaign

Measuring the results of an influencer’s campaign is essential to know the impact of our campaigns to know whether or not it is effective.

Take into account some main aspects:

  • Campaign figures (before, during, and after)
  • KPIs and metrics (web traffic, engagement, followers, mentions, clicks …)


Finally, when choosing the best influencers to represent your brand, ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you want to do and how are you going to achieve it?
  • Who are you going to choose and how are you going to reach the influencer?
  • Does the influencer project the image of your brand?
  • How are you going to measure the impact of the campaign?

Without a doubt, Influencer Marketing is a very good way to reach a more specific target audience. You can apply it to your sports brand or any other business brands that can help you grow your possibilities.

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