How Email Marketing Can Help Your SEO Efforts: A Quick Guide
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How Email Marketing Can Help Your SEO Efforts: A Quick Guide

Email marketing and SEO? Really?


Email marketing and SEO are closely intertwined but not many marketers understand this well. Most marketers use email marketing for lead nurturing and SEO for building a strong online presence.

Rarely do marketers come up with a robust strategy to combine the two tactics together seamlessly.

Individually, email marketing and SEO are great lead generation strategies, as you can see in the graphic below. But together, they make a potent combination. This brand of holistic omnichannel marketing can uplift your ranking, credibility, and eventually your sales.

How Email Marketing Can Help Your SEO Efforts

Not convinced?

This post will explain how your email marketing and SEO efforts can feed off each other.

Let’s get started.

4 Ways How Email Marketing Amplifies Your SEO Efforts

First things first. Cracking Google’s ranking algorithm is next to impossible. That’s one reason why SEO trends change at the speed of light.

Then, what should you do?

By closely observing high-ranked pages, you can get insights into what clicks with Google. You can draw patterns and theories and test them in real-time.

It sounds like a lot of work. right?

I have you covered. After rigorous research, I have identified four data-backed tactics by which you can use email marketing strategies to build upon your SEO efforts.

Check them out.

Improve Your Website Engagement

Is your website bouncing off visitors despite having solid on-page SEO?

If you’re not able to improve your site’s dwell time, no amount of technical SEO will help push it up the SERPs.

Email marketing can do the task for you.

If you have your website audited for SEO, you will detect gaps that are pulling down your rankings. A commonly-found gap is poor dwell time. Dwell time means the amount of time a visitor spends interacting with your website content before leaving it.

Confused between dwell time and bounce?

A bounce happens when a visitor comes to your site, stays there, but doesn’t click any link, browse any of its pages, or comment or like anywhere. A high bounce rate indicates poor customer experience (CX) which adversely affects your ranking.

Email subscribers are emotionally invested in your brand. That’s why they shared their credentials with you in the first place. They are more likely to browse content there than new or random visitors.

If you promote your newsletter or blog to your subscribers efficiently, you can get them to visit your website. There’s a good chance that they will click on the links in the post, comment on the post, or explore other content offerings.

In this way, they improve your website’s dwell time, which is a good sign for Google.

Pro tip: Keep cleaning your email list. Remove inactive email subscribers who haven’t responded to your emails in the last 120 days, (also called “Sunsetting”).

How Email Marketing Can Help Your SEO Efforts

Sounds counterproductive?

After all, you’ll be losing valuable subscribers that you earned after a lot of effort. However, in the long term, inactive contacts hamper your sender reputation. This is a red flag to your email service provider (ESP) and also negates your SEO efforts.

Increases Website Traffic

There is ample evidence to prove that email marketing has the potential to drive quality traffic to your website. And that complements your SEO efforts in a big way.

If your website is receiving a lot of traffic, Google perceives it as a sign of user trust. If the traffic is qualified (makes some sort of conversion), it’s even better for Google.

But there has to be a catch, right?

Email marketing will drive website traffic only if your email copy is high-quality and resonates with your audience. Plus, it should have clear, compelling calls-to-action (CTA) to redirect people to your website.

Adding a content digest with URLs in your emails is a great way to bring back people to your website. Make sure that all the linked content matches the user’s intent and is of top quality. Otherwise, people may get frustrated and hesitate to open your emails in the future.

Another effective way to bring back contacts to your site is by personalization of email content. 72% of consumers only engage with brands that send messages tailored to their needs and interests.

So, personalize your subject lines, salutation, message, and signature to meet your contacts’ expectations. Such targeted emails stand out in overcrowded inboxes, retain attention for longer, and encourage readers to take the desired action.

If you use tools to automate email marketing, you can use the advanced segmentation feature to drill down into the insights you’ve collected about your contacts and use them to create appealing and personalized emails.

Pro tip: Often, your subscribers and customers will send you questions and inquiries through email. In your reply, instead of providing the answer directly, add inbound links pointing to relevant posts and pages on your site.

Since the recipients are eager to know the answer, there’s a strong chance they will click through to your site and click other pages there for more information. In this way, you can drive quality traffic to your website, which is the ultimate aim of your SEO efforts as well.

Boosts Your Content Strategy

As experienced an email marketer, you are likely already split testing your emails for various elements. You probably have a wealth of data about your contacts.

Since your email subscribers fit your customer persona perfectly, what appeals to them should work for the rest of your target audience as well. So, you can use insights that you get from email campaign testing to create a more effective content strategy for promoting your business.

How Email Marketing Can Help Your SEO Efforts

For instance, a newsletter headline that grabs attention in the subject line can work well as a page or article title. If a CTA has a great CTR (click-through rate), use the same copy for homepage buttons and reap the benefits of on-page SEO.

Pro tip: In addition to your test findings, you can also use customer feedback from email surveys to shape a content strategy you will be proud of.

Encourages Social Shares

Targeted email messaging coupled with easy share options means that you can put your content in front of more people.

But can social shares improve your SEO?

To be honest, they don’t. At least not directly.

Social media is not a Google ranking factor. But social visibility does translate into search visibility. You will not only get on Google’s radar but also become a potential linking destination for authority websites.

How Email Marketing Can Help Your SEO Efforts

Don’t believe me?

Check for yourself.

The top-ranked pages on Google have a strong social presence. Plus, Google is not the only search engine in town. Google’s closest rival, Bing, considers social shares as a direct ranking factor.

But if Google is where your SEO is aimed, consider this:

Social signals like likes and shares help Google index your pages faster. They also indicate domain authority which is placed high up in Google’s ranking algorithm.

Additionally, social shares involve real people and authentic engagement (if you don’t count engagement pods and bots) which is a good sign for Google. You don’t have to worry about being misunderstood by Google for using black-hat techniques to climb up the SERPs.

How can your emails garner more social shares?

As stated, include well-researched content in your emails. Focus on internal linking to pages on your website. Include links to authority websites to earn quality backlinks. Place the social sharing button within the email body so that people can share without leaving their inbox.

Are You Ready to Harness Email Marketing to Boost Your SEO?

When done effectively, email marketing can improve your SEO in many ways. You earn qualified traffic, authentic on-site engagement, on-target content strategy, and improved social presence.

Impressive, right?

It is. So, the next time you consider email marketing for one-off campaigns, think twice. Leverage it strategically to support your SEO.

Do you have any questions about email marketing and SEO? Please share them in the comments. I’m always glad to help.

Author Bio

Renu Sharma is Inbound Marketing Manager at  Attrock . With expertise in content marketing, she helps companies attract qualified leads, grow their revenue, and brand reputations. She also works closely with influencers to help brands get more exposure in their niches. When not working, she loves to polish her marketing knowledge and skills, and watch interesting web series.

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