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Role of HR in Digital Marketing

In the current competitive environment of business, the organizations continuously drive towards proposing innovative human resource practices in almost all HR functions, starting from human resource planning, recruitment, selection, performance management, training and development, and reward management. Technology and its pace of evolution are so rapid that there is a need to make incremental changes in the HR processes and functions faster to achieve business excellence.

Role of HR in Digital Marketing

Human resources management has become more complex and challenging because of the increasing complexities and dynamically changing economic, social, cultural, legal, and political environments. Clashing priorities, mergers, and acquisitions, employees’ resistance towards changes, the inadequacy of resources, etc., is causing the organizations to focus on creating business value by reconstructing the role of HR in digital marketing processes.

Understanding Digital Marketing

Businesses generally define digital marketing as “The utilization of numerous channels and digital tactics to connect with clients and prospects, where they spend much of their time online. From the website itself to a business’s online branding assets that includes email marketing, digital advertising, online brochures, etc., there’s a spectrum of tactics that fall under the umbrella known as “digital marketing.”

Today’s entrepreneurs are embracing the digital marketing concept, and it’s trending because it has so many options and approaches associated. Businesses can get imaginative and explore various marketing tactics on an estimated and affordable budget. Added to this, with digital marketing, you can also use tools like dashboards for analytics to monitor and control the success and Return On Investment of your operations more than you could with traditional promotional content such as a billboard or print ad.

Role of HR In Digital Marketing

As discussed earlier, the role of HR has evolved so much that they are no more considered just as recruiters or policy builders. Their part in the businesses is so much re-defined that it would surely be appropriate to be called brand builders. In fact, with the adoption and implementation of the latest technology, some of their traditional functions are managed by HR software solutions. This has allowed them to focus more on the bottom line of the organization.

Among the many functions of the human resource manager in an organization, recently, it is observed that they play a significant role in digital marketing too. Some of them are discussed in this article.

Developing The Company’s Brand

The HR manager of the company is often referred to as the brand builder. Ms. Jaclyn Lee, a Senior HR Director at the Singapore University Of Technology And Design, says that –

“It is through effective Digital Marketing as a means that HR can move from a Job Poster to Brand Builder.”

Along with digital marketing’s predominance, human resource managers are ought to play another role, that is, Internet Marketer. The HRs help businesses boost the company’s online branding and enhance the overall experience of employees. Apart from this, the HRs can manage the talents in a more result-oriented way when incorporating Digital Marketing Strategies for the HR Department.

Keeping Company’s Websites Updated

When taking advantage of digital marketing to increase the level of the business and to reach out to the maximum audience, it is also necessary to keep the company’s profile updated. Most of these inputs are figured out by the HR manager, collected from the different departments, compiled and conveyed to the digital marketing team, or when organizations lack digital marketers, the HR himself is expected or volunteers to do the same. Thus, the human resource manager’s part as a brand builder is partially accomplished.

Utilizing Social Channels As Recruiting Tools

We all know that today’s companies are dealing with millennial workers. There are a lot of changes concerning the attitude towards work and the approach. It’s mostly because everything is handy and readily available with excess access to technology and the internet.

It is observed that about 79 percent of job seekers are using social media for daily job hunting and are succeeding in finding one. Therefore, the human resource manager can also use digital marketing as a tool for recruitment in hiring the right candidate.

Recognizing The Need For Training And Education

The role of a human resource manager is also found in recognizing the need for the training and development of the digital marketing team. This is because the landscape of digital marketing is constantly evolving, and there is a need to be updated with the latest technology and its knowledge. And only those who are already aware of this can help in the organization’s progress. Therefore, it is required to continuously invest in the team’s development and training with their dedication too.

Developing policies and compliance regulations

Digital marketing is a vast field with a wide range of opportunities and advantages as much as it is directed on the right track. To ensure the proper usage of digital marketing tools and social media on a professional front, the HR manager has to define the policies and norms as per the organization’s need.

Apart from creating the policy, it’s also the responsibility of HR to make the employees aware of the same and ensure that they are strictly implemented.

Motivating Employees Through Company Culture

HR managers understand the need and importance of the value and potential of a company. It becomes an essential factor of the human resource manager to motivate the employees to maintain the company’s culture so that it benefits the organization’s brand and themselves. Although the development in digital marketing helps the company in reaching the targeted audience, it is with the assistance of the HR manager that you can build a valued culture that includes honesty and transparency towards the organization.

Discovering The Hidden Talent In The Industry

An HR manager also plays a major role in identifying the right and the most talented candidate in the team and makes sure that those talents are brought forth for the organization’s benefit. You might wonder how this is connected to digital marketing. If you did, you indeed are on the right track. Reaching the targeted audience is the ultimate motive of the organization.

In the modern digital marketing world, recruiting is not just about posting a couple of job posts on social media. It’s all about carefully creating a narrative that appeals to current job-seekers. This input given by the HR manager will add value to the posts on digital marketing.

Align HR with Marketing

When it comes to companies, for many, the human resource is the first point of reference, irrelevant to whether it is the employees or prospects. And either directly or indirectly, the HR manager Ensures the company’s marketing team’s alignment on the various elements of job listings, which includes the company’s description, the corporate reviews, and even the mission statement.

Therefore, the alignment eliminates the sending of mixed messages evaluating the company against its competitors.

Key Take-Aways

Human resource management is a challenging job. The processes in HR can obtain improvement from the ones being used in digital marketing. HR approaches can give employee experience a lift as well as maintaining and building a strong company brand. Irrelevant of whether the data gathered is from digital analytics or by viewing and reaching potential employees through their social profiles, digital marketing, and human resource management has a lot more in common than we may presume.

By leveraging the tools of digital marketing, HR departments can immensely improve their recruitment tactics through an evolved process. Thus, there is a wide range of intertwining between the two different verticals of business. And their interdependency is impacted mainly by the role of HR for the overall well being and progress of the company.

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