Success is Where Branding is - Understand The Real Deal
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Success is Where Branding is – Understand The Real Deal

I guess the word “branding” is misunderstood by a lot of people. Everyone uses it, but hardly a few people understand the true essence of it. Some consider branding a logo, a color palette, or even the font that appears on their company’s website.

While in reality, branding is much more than that. Branding is a personal connection that customers feel every time they see your product or visit your website. A study done by Nielson revealed that 59% of consumers buy products from brands that are familiar to them.

Your brand is your reputation. Successful branding is about constant communication and creating a memorable customer experience that is remembered so that the customers keep coming back to you. It is also called the “loyalty loop.”

If you’re running a business today, you should know that there is a fearsome competition out there. To grow your market share, you must follow foolproof branding strategies that will help you in the long-run.

Success is Where Branding is - Understand The Real Deal

How to Develop a Brand that People Love?

Begin with a purpose

When Amazon first started, it was a bookstore that sold books online. When people began trusting the brand, Jeff Bezos made some changes and added some more products to the website. It requires a lot of branding effort for Amazon to shift the image from an online bookstore to an e-commerce store where you can buy anything.

When Blake Mycoskie founded Tom’s Shoe, he was clear about his purpose. “Whenever you buy a shoe, we will donate one pair to a needy person.” The foundation of the company was clear, and since then, it is recognized as the most socially active brand out there.

For people to recognize your brand, you need to do the same. Start with a purpose and an end-goal. Then, you should brand everything around that purpose.

Determine your target audience

Let me share an anecdote with you. Once a company sent two salespeople to a small village to sell a shoe. The first salesman came back and said, “There is no market, no one wants to wear the shoe in the village.” The second salesman said, “Wow, there is a lot of opportunity in that village. No one wears shoes there. We can introduce shoes in that village.”

That is the mindset we all need. But before that, you must understand and learn everything that you can about your target market.

Why are they buying what they are buying, and how can your brand fit in their lives? There are online tools that you can use to analyze your customers’ behaviors. Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter have their analytics that let you examine the behavior of people towards your products.

The advice is to build an individual’s buyer persona and make your branding strategy around that persona. Every customer of yours possesses some qualities, interests, and behaviors. When you can understand why people buy products, it will be easy to target them with relevant ads and suggestions.

Use Social Media

Everyone is on social media. If you are not using it for branding, you are losing tons of free marketing out there. People visit social media platforms to search for products and read reviews of brands.

Be pro-active on social media. Let the people know what makes your brand different than others. When you deliver a service to people, they will speak about you on social media. Turn on Google Alerts and find out what people are saying about your brand.

Search on social networks and see what pops up when you search your name. Whatever the results might be, you need to get out there and start speaking with people. When you interact with people, they understand that you are there to help them and to give them a solution to their problem.

On social media, you can either make or break your brand’s reputation. The line of approach is to stay transparent with your content. Whatever you communicate must be true.

If you are confused about how to do branding, here are some ideas about what kind of posts do well on each platform:

Share your brand story

Every brand has a story to tell. People want to hear that story. It is a means for brands to make their way into the hearts of people. When you share your brand story, people can relate to it and get close to you.

In branding, you might have seen famous brands creating stories in their commercials to grab the attention of people. It is not something random. People get addicted to brand stories. Big brands such as Disney and Coca-Cola used the power of their brand story to build a connection with their audience.

The story of your brands should be centered on your values and the people who build the brand. It should be simple, concise, and convincing. It gives the reasons for your existence and allows the brand to connect with the customers.

A brand’s story cannot only be told in words. It is essentially every element of your brand, be it your logo, your web design, or the color combinations. So, while you’re trying to find the perfect words to describe your story, you should also improve the visual elements of your brand.

To do that, you can seek help from a professional logo design company. They will not merely put colors and shapes and a tagline, but they will craft a logo that depicts your band’s story perfectly.

In the end

Branding is more than just a logo or a banner or some unique font. Branding is a whole experience that users get when they interact with your brand.

The world is moving fast, and to keep up with your competitors, you must use all the strategies that you can think of to create awareness about your brand. If you use the above methods and stay consistent with them, they will be enough.

However, you can also take inspiration from other brands. If you see a plan that is working for them, adopt that strategy, and see how your audience responds to it. It will take some time for a new brand to get all the attention, but if you do it with consistency, that will be enough.

Lastly, branding is not a choice anymore; you must do whatever it feels right to get your brand out there in front of the audience. Make them fall in love with your brand.

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