10 Amazing Tips to Boost your Online Presence in 2020
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10 Amazing Tips to Boost your Online Presence in 2020

Over the years, online presence has meant a lot of things. Some time ago, online presence just means having a website that could act as your “online business card”. This may still ring true these days, however, “just a website” is not enough. There are over 4.54 billion active users of the internet in January 2020 and about 3.75 billion users who are active in social media. Given these numbers of statistics, you have a vast number of people you can connect online. However, this also means competition to get noticed is getting tougher each day. A lot of brands and companies are trying to get themselves known and be heard online like you. What can you do to make sure your online voice is being heard and your brand is getting the exposure it needs? Here are 10 tips to boost your presence online.

10 Amazing Tips to Boost your Online Presence in 2020

Streamline your Target Audience

With the number of people online, you might get excited to jump in the waters and start posting online. However, this might not do anything for your brand. Having in-depth knowledge about your brand will let you know your niche market. Trimming down your online marketing efforts to your target audience will you greater success in translating your brand’s message.

Identify a Goal and Flexible Plan

Creating a goal for your business is essential as this will become the foundation of your success and establishing your business’ online presence should also have definite objectives.

Are you going online because?

You want to grow brand awareness and identity?

You want to promote a brand or services and augment sales?

Do you want to provide first-hand information to your customers?

Or you want to enhance customer service and product support?

Whatever your goals are, it should be established on SMART principles. It should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound.

One of your goals are established, create a plan that is flexible and can be adjusted.

Use the Right Platforms

There are a lot of online platforms you can take advantage of to promote your business on the internet however using them all will be not a wise decision.

Depending on your in-depth knowledge of your brand, your target market and the goals you have established, it should be your basis in choosing the right platform for your business. The platform you will be using should complement all these key elements.

Are your audiences into shareable content? Do you want to tap professionals and be considered as one of the trusted industry’s thought leaders? You may use LinkedIn and earn your exposure to almost 300 million users with over 43% earning a six-digit figure or more.

Do you want to use short-form video content that evokes and tap a younger market? You may want to utilize Tiktok, one of the most proposing social media channels these days. Instagram and Youtube are still good choices also.

Want to establish a connection with your audience? You can still stick to Twitter, one of the social media powerhouses.

Facebook may always come first in your option for an online presence but this powerhouse can only give you as much. However, you can still use this channel to build loyalty with your audience.

Create valuable content

Establishing your brand comes with creating valuable content for your audience. It must be engaging, valuable and reliable. Be authoritative, share what you know and your experiences in the industry. Back it up with research and use statistics and links. Your content should also be informative and comprehensive. Know what your audience wants to know and keywords that will lead

Leverage on Analytics

One of the greatest technological advancements developed for businesses nowadays is having tools to gauge your metrics online in real-time. Web and social media analytics allow you to gain insights into knowing the demographics of your site. You can know how many are visiting your page, who are they, even their age and gender, where they are coming from, why are they coming to visit your site and when are they coming. You can even delve into the most basic of your consumers’ on-site behavior.

Having access to these things lets you plan your next step in building your online presence and making sure that you get a better success at it.

Optimize User Experience (UX)

Having a website is the first essential thing you need to build an online presence. It help builds your reputation as 75% of people weighs a company’s credibility through a website.  However it is never enough to just put it online and never doing anything about it. You need to optimize your website for better customer experience. Make sure your website is fast and responsive to avoid bounce rates.

Mobile-Friendly Website

According to BrightEdge, 57% of web traffic among its visitors come from mobile phones and tablet devices. If your website is not responsive to mobile, the tendency is they will only stay for approximately 3 seconds before they move on to the next. Responsive websites also make it easier to share thus increases your chances of visibility.

Work with Influencers

Influencer marketing has been one of the most effective campaigns over the past years. As social media started to boom in the digital marketing industry, social media content creators have slowly replaced celebrity influencers. These types of influencers have a niche market and loyal following that brands leverage to increase their online presence.

Find the right influencer for your brand that can target your desired audience. They can also help you build trust and drive engagement to your brand.

Know the Latest Trends

Knowing the latest trends in terms of online marketing strategies and even cybersecurity can help you get ahead of the competition. This will make sure your data and your customer’s data are protected while you boost your online credibility and visibility.

Give an excellent customer service

The overall experience of a client does not end after purchasing a product or after the end of a service. It goes beyond in the after-sales service you offer to your client. When your customer has a complaint or a bad review on your brand and was not addressed properly, it will be entirely your loss and the customer will turn to your competitors. However, if a customer experienced an incredibly good after-sales service, he will be likely to turn into your loyal client and give you additional traffic by becoming a marketer for you as well.

Final Thoughts

Building your online reputation is not an easy task. As competition grows more and more each day, you need to bank on these tips to ensure your online visibility. Invest in your time, efforts and resources to ensure optimum result for your brand.=

Author’s Bio

John Ocampos is an Opera Singer by profession and a member of the Philippine Tenors. Ever since, Digital Marketing has always been his forte. He is the Founder of SEO-Guru and the Managing Director of Tech Hacker. John is also the Strategic SEO and Influencer Marketing Manager of Softvire Australia – the leading software eCommerce company in Australia and Softvire New Zealand.

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