Tips to Integrate Social Media into website to increase Ecommerce Sales
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How to Integrate Social Media into your website to increase your Ecommerce Sales

Social media integration refers to building your presence over social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram essentially. Getting started with these three social media spaces will undoubtedly increase your sales. Fetch the untapped potential by creating your social presence and integrating the same into your website. If you do not believe it, you might as well seek the help of stats which says:

Smart social media marketing strategies are increasing the chances of sealing the deal by six times.

The buying decisions of about 74% of customers are influenced by social media. This is a classic statistic which might as well have increased with the whooping increase in the usage of social media now.

Building a strong social relationship with customers online will make customers seek you rather than you seeking them down.

With these, we hope you can believe in the magic of social media presence better. The question now is how can you strategically used social media to increase sales? This can be done by integrating social presence with your digital presence i.e. by integrating social media into your website, any e-commerce business can increase e commerce conversion rate.

How to Integrate Social Media into your website to increase your Ecommerce Sales

Some of the ways to integrate social media into your website include:

Homepage social feed

Homepage social feed is all the feed that is posted to your social media accounts. Adding social media feed specifically Instagram feed to your website will add to its vibrancy and makes it more like a human thing than just a selling platform.

However, if you are doing so, make sure the Instagram feed contains high-quality relevant pictures of your products, images that show how to accessorize with your products and such. These interactive posts will make visitors feel relatable and will make them ready to engage with the website convincingly. Also, the next best thing in the market these days is the UGC or User Generated Content. UGC is loved by all, the brand as well as the customers.

You can choose to post UGC content on your website. Adding customer reviews, photos of customers wearing or using your product can lift your brand’s authenticity to the next level.

Adding a look book of your products is another smart move to showcase your products and can also instil a desire to buy the product in the users.

Social Media buttons

Social media buttons can be easily added to your website using plugins and widgets provided by WordPress and others. Adding social media buttons on the website will make it easier for users to connect with you forever. Make it a one-step process to increase your social media followers so that your customers know about the latest discounts, deals and offers in no time.

The right placement of these buttons on the website depends on your website interface. But what is more important to gear up their presence, lies in their layout. Make sure the social media buttons match the colour scheme and layout of your site. They should look decent-sized neither too big or too small. Also, only add those social media platforms that you are active in. Adding a button of Pinterest if you are not active will deflect the interest of visitors from your site.


Hashtags are another way to create user-generated content. Create a unique and short hashtag for your brand and ask your customers to use it in their posts. For example, ask them to hashtag your brand’s name in their pics, the best looks to be featured on their website. Using such hashtags for Embed facebook feed helps in facebook campaigns. It will keep the customers interested and will add to the stream of your social media posts. Frame a hashtag that is short and simple, easy to use, long-lasting and is not too common. A too common hashtag can add to fake and irrelevant posts being created.

How to Integrate Social Media into your website to increase your Ecommerce Sales

Product pages

Let your buyers spread a word about the product they bought from your website. Don’t miss a chance to get a review! You can enable this by adding social sharing widgets on each of your product pages. Some of the key points to keep in mind while framing the social sharing are:

The social buttons on your product page should be differently styled than on your website’s homepage. Add only those social sharing platforms that are image worthy for your products like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Thirdly, make sure your customers share the product on any social media platform, the plugin should appropriately show the image of the product.

Seeing the image will drive the customers to look at it vehemently.

Social media Logins

Enabling one step social logins or sign-ins from the website itself will enable customers to connect to their social media account without having to leave the site. It helps customers to leave a comment on any post, share it which can further add to its reach.

So, these were some of the ways to increase your e-commerce sales by integrating social media into your website. If you are already there, make sure your social media presence is on point and is active.

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