Top 10 Digital Marketing News Sources One Must Follow
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Top 10 Digital Marketing News Sources One Must Follow

Digital Marketing is the lifeline for the success of your business. To enhance the growth of a business it is highly essential to channelize Digital Marketing Techniques. But digital marketing trends are updated very often. To rank amongst the top pages of the search engine it is very important to use the latest online marketing strategies.

Knowing the present and upcoming Digital Marketing Feeds can be a key to your success. We often miss out the updates in the field of digital marketing and the result may be degraded rating on SERPs. If you look forward to obtaining the desired results by using digital marketing techniques, the only solution is to follow the latest updates.

Now, the question arises where to gain the right and updated information about the rapid changes in the field of digital marketing? There are various websites and blogs over the web that claim to share what’s latest in the field of digital marketing, but how often are these blogs updated and which one you should opt for?  So, to help you out here is the blog summarizes the Top 10 Digital Marketing Sources that imparts complete data to help you with effective marketing. Go through the write-up below and follow these blogs to get your answer for regular updates in digital marketing.

Here Is The List Of Top 10 Digital Marketing News Sources:

The information sources listed below are instantly redacted. Following them regularly will give you up to the minute news about digital marketing as well as an in-depth analysis of emerging trends. Stay tuned with these resources to brush up your facts about digital marketing. To be more precise the list is diversified based on different platforms of marketing.

  • News Sources For Internet Marketing

The popular news sources for Internet Marketing are

The Feedspot AdWords Blog:

This blog gives you all the breaking news about Google Ads Development. Apart from the fastest source of the official inside Google ads blog, the Adwords blog specializes in providing complete Internet Marketing news. It should be the first preference for the PPC marketers, who want to get across the latest happenings.

Search Engine Land:

This publication imparts both the breaking news as well as the comprehensive analysis of the latest internet marketing updates. If you are searching for the same, Search Engine Land should be in your RSS feed. It also organizes a yearly Search Marketing Expo conference adding to the resources of the search marketers.

Facts About Facebook Marketing:

Facebook with users of all age groups has become the hottest marketing hub. If you’re looking for news sources revealing facts about Facebook marketing, check out the following:


Almost every one of us in the field of Digital Marketing might be well aware of this unique blog. It has up to the date marketing feeds. Whenever you open the blog it always hosts one or the other thing for a visitor to read. Apart from Facebook marketing and overall digital marketing tips it also contains engaging reads about content, content marketing, SEO and all the upcoming internet marketing trends. It has all audio, content and videos too that leads to a happy learning and you can never get bored of it.

The SEM Post

The Digital Marketing Trends be it on any platform changes so rapidly that it is hard to match them. But, SEM Post makes it easy. The blog run by Jennifer Slegg even beats ‘Big Boys’ of the internet when it comes to sharing of breaking news and current affairs in the field of internet marketing. So, what are you waiting for subscribing to SEM Post’s RSS Feed? Subscribe it to be aware of all the latest digital marketing trends. The team is very active and refresh the blog numerous times in a single day.

Media Post:

If you are looking forward to a completely comprehensive guide for Internet Marketing that covers all about Digital Marketing, Media News, Online Advertising, Google Adwords and all other detailed information that counts to Internet Marketing Media Post is the best news source. It reflects the major news prior to anyone else. You should be a regular reader of Media Post if you want to excel in the field of internet marketing. In spite covering a wide range of topics, there is no compromise on the quality of content. The content is informative and up to the mark.

  • News About Social Media Marketing:

The diversity in social media platforms has united all the world, different features of each platform attract the users of a kind. Social Media Marketing helps you out to reach the target audience easily. It has become of the most prominent aspect of Digital Marketing. To step ahead in the field of online marketing one should be well aware of trending feeds of Social Media Marketing. Are you looking for the best source to get all the relevant news on Social Media Marketing? Breakthrough the below-mentioned blogs:

Social Media Examiner:

Social Media Examiner is not only a source of information but it also shares the complete knowledge on how to carry out the practical implementation of the necessary updates. It is a complete social media marketing package. The news feed on this site is highly consistent. You will not regret checking it out first thing in the morning in place of your daily newspaper.


Buffer has gained the popularity at a really early stage since its launch. The content quality and frequent updates to break the latest social media marketing news have added it to the list of every digital marketer. There is not a single domain that is not covered by Buffer in the field of Social Media. It has become the prime source of information for Social Media marketing trends.

  • Content Marketing News Source

Content creation has the most important role to play in digital marketing. But don’t you think the content promotion techniques should be a lot more considerable. Content writing trends may not change rapidly but tips for content marketing alter quite often. Even if you possess the highest quality content but it does not reach to the right audience in the right way it’s of no use. The News sources listed below are top-rated blogs to carry forward content marketing strategies at the earliest:


No news source can beat Copyblogger when it is all about content. Copyblogger has each and every bit covered about content writing and content marketing. Though it is not one of the first sites to a news flash about content marketing trends it is not even required. As already discussed the content marketing techniques doesn’t change very often compared to other marketing strategies. It is important to know the correct way of content promotion and Copyblogger stands out for the same.

Content Marketing Institute:

Content Marketing Institute imparts complete teaching about several content procedures. It has always provided vocal guidance and support to all the content producers. You can rely on the Content Marketing Institute blog and their whitepapers to gain all the knowledge regarding content advertising and promotion.

  • CRO Newsfeed

Conversion Rate Optimisation alike content marketing cannot be covered as news. It is highly important to understand this optimisation for effective digital marketing technique. The blog that covers the complete information about CRO with frequent updates is


Unbounce carries and imparts all about CRO, the latest trends in CRO, content creation, content optimisation and another required testing. The blog satisfies all your queries about CRO and helps you grow with effective online marketing trends.

  • Miscellaneous Tech And Digital Marketing Updates

Apart from all the outstanding sites and blogs listed above to give the digital marketing tips and tricks in the specialised category there are several other blogs that cover the technical and digital marketing updates miscellaneously. Some of the blogs that top the list are

Ars Technica:

Ars Technica is the best news source over the web when it comes to digital marketing updates. You will get about the recent updations on various topics of online marketing on Ars Technica. You should read this blog regularly to master the latest happenings in the world of digital marketing.

The Verge:

The Verge covers the latest technology including robotics, virtual reality and also the breaking news about what’s new on social media and web search. The Verge has very lively and engaging content that adds to a good read.

Final Words

All the people in the world of digital marketing need not be detailed about the importance of updates in the field of digital marketing. Any business online and offline highly depends on marketing. Proper promotion and advertising can lead to the global growth of your product or business. But to carry out digital marketing effectively the basic requirement is to know what’s latest in digital marketing? How to implement digital marketing strategies for your business? Etc… The write-up above acts as a complete guide to let you know the important news sources that acknowledge you with top Digital Marketing Techniques.

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