Top Tools to Check Content Plagiarism for Freelancers
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Top Tools to Check Content Plagiarism for Freelancers

Content writing is one of the major forms of freelancing that can help you earn a lot of money. However, it can be a very challenging task when it comes to picking unique words and phrases to avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism is like a curse. It can ruin all your efforts and reputation, no matter how hard you try to get things done rightly. A good content writer is someone who provides unique writing material every time he/she writes about a certain topic. Their work must not at any cost contain traces of similarity or plagiarism with already published ones. This is the essence of real content writing that each freelancer must try to achieve survival in the world of Digital Marketing.

Top Tools to Check Content Plagiarism for Freelancers

Satisfying the Clients

Clients expect a great deal from their content writing sellers. They want every content or text on point. When it comes to plagiarism, there is simply no compromise in that. People running online businesses want content for their website to be one of its own kind. This is necessary for them to achieve perfection in Search Engine Results. Unique and distinctive content is always picked first by search engines. Hence the chances of engagement on such content are maximum. The more unique the content is; the more traffic it will grab. This will consequently make a website work best on a domain authority checker. Thus, when a freelancer starts working with clients, the best possible way to satisfy them is by providing unique content for their business.

Free Plagiarism Checker

Content writers can build a good reputation for themselves by eliminating similarities in their work by using an online free plagiarism checker. The internet is simply flooded with such options. Whether you have written content yourself and want to escape chances of unintentional plagiarism or you simply want to fix a copy-pasted material, a free plagiarism checker is a wonderful solution in this regard. Below are some of the major reasons for this:

A free plagiarism checker saves your time and energy by reducing manual labor

As far as reliability is concerned, a plagiarism detector is better than manual work since most of them produce 99.99% accurate results.

They are free of cost and perfectly affordable for freelancers.

Top Online Plagiarism Checkers

The following are some of the highly used and popular free plagiarism checker tools that you can use to make things simpler for yourself!

Plagiarism Detector

It’s a wonderful website that produces ultra-accurate results. The standard package of this website is completely free of charges and a perfect solution to maintain uniqueness in your content. Anyone can access this website easily. It performs deep search and compares a text with billions of published data stored in its database. It’s perfect for professional uses since it steers a text completely free of plagiarism with 100 % accuracy. This free plagiarism checker eliminates traces of potential plagiarism by interpreting text on three basic levels that is lexical frequencies, word-choices, and matching phrases. It’s a completely safe website, and users must not worry about the privacy and protection of their data. They must know that it is in safe hands. In order to check plagiarism, the tool allows you to either directly upload the file or provide a URL link of a website. The URL integration feature also comes handy for finding out plagiarists of your work. After that, you can either sue them or at least ask for giving backlinks to your website on their webpages. This software is not for freelancers alone. Students, teachers, and journalists can also use this plagiarism checker tool. It’s perfect for everyone.


Just like the above-mentioned website, the standard package of this website is completely free. The similarity checker tool of this website uses different plagiarism services like Oxford Similarity Checker and Plagramme to detect any copied material within a text. It has fast performance and analyzes a text within a few seconds. It is ultra-secured and doesn’t forward anyone’s text to other directories.

Pre Post SEO

This website is popular for providing different kinds of text tools, and plagiarism checker is one of them. It’s free of cost. With a few easy steps, you can easily remove all kinds of plagiarism sources in your work. It’s available in different major languages like English, French, Spanish, Chinese, etc. Thus, using it is easier for non-native English speakers as well. It’s also a safe website and protects the intellectual property of its users at any cost. This free plagiarism checker displays results in percentage gauges. You can also get a downloadable plagiarism report to analyze sources of plagiarism easily.


Free plagiarism checker tools, like those mentioned above, are perfect for ensuring content is unique. By checking plagiarism online, you can definitely save yourself from the consequences of stealing someone else’s content. A free plagiarism checker is way better than relying on your own memory and performing things manually (which is nearly impossible). If you want to excel as a freelancer and impress your clients like never before, start using a good and reliable plagiarism checker now.

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