Why Google Ads is a Fundamental Component of Brand Promotion?
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Why Google Ads is a Fundamental Component of Brand Promotion?

Just ten years prior, prospective customers were shifting through a finite online space or hefty Yellow Pages to navigate a particular service, product or brand they were in search of. No easy feat, many individuals would overlook businesses, specifically SMB’s, if they were unable to determine whether the business carried the product or specific service they were seeking. In 2003, Google revolutionized the online marketing platform forever with the creation of the ‘Self-Service Advertising Program.’ We now know this paragon of effective online advertising as ‘Google Ads.’

The days of mass printing physical business ads or hoping to secure the best real estate on Yellow Pages has become rather antiquated. We are now in a digital era of unprecedented change in all aspects, especially on the online forum. Using a pay-per-click service, such as Ads, gives businesses the authority to develop and run ads to promote their brand in the Google display results. Using applicable keywords to secure a dedicated target audience, Google Ads is far more effective at reaching that audience and driving them to a product, service and business page.

Why Google Ads is a Fundamental Component of Brand Promotion?

If your business has yet to use the most nonpareil online marketing platform across the globe, it’s certainly time for you to consider. There is a myriad of benefits Google Ads services provide. In this article, the top seven advantages will be highlighted, along with an outline of the BreezeMaxWeb Google Ads management product and Google remarketing product that deploy effective marketing techniques to boost your brand.

Advantages of Google AdWords for Small, Medium and Large Businesses

Individuals are continually searching for specific products, services, advice, brands and businesses online. As a business owner, it is a crucial component to a prosperous company and to ensure your brand is always relevant. Here are the additional advantages to using Google Ads for your organization:

Adaptable and Measurable

Traditional marketing media, including mass print services and television, are rather difficult to measure. There is an evident lack of options to track, navigate and measure what marketing techniques have been effective and which are failing to drive sales and traffic. Google Ads come equipped with customizable selections for your marketing campaign to track your business objectives. Some of these options include:

  • Narrow Target Audience: The ability to discover your desired target audience demographics; including their location, specific language and even device they’re using.
  • Brand awareness
  • Traffic to your company’s website

Why Google Ads is a Fundamental Component of Brand Promotion?

Business Maintains Control of Budget

If you have not been using alternative offline marketing strategies, you are most likely paying per ad that is run. This is not only a relatively outmoded technique in the digital age, but it can have you paying for a number of ads that are not driving sufficient or any traffic whatsoever. Google Ads allows you to budget your business campaign as you can designate a specific amount for the cost per day of your campaign that will prevent it from going over budget. If a specific ad in your campaign is driving exceptional traffic, you may want to increase the ad spend. For ads that have proven to be ineffective with few click-through, you can choose to completely stop the ad to test for another to decrease its ad spend temporarily.

Equipped With ROI-Tracking

Advertising is an investment and it’s only worth investing in if it has proven to be effective and a lucrative method for your business. Along with several other tracking methods, Return on Investment (ROI) tracking is built into Google Ads. ROI-tracking tracks your ad success rate and reports back on its findings. The reports reveal which keywords are driving the most traffic and sales and which are failing to do so. This can ultimately allow you to allot and set up your budget in the most suitable way for your business.

Fast Tracks SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful tool; however, it’s an investment in which the results are often gradual. Waiting months to see the desired results for your ad campaign is undoubtedly irritating. Google Ads ensure your ads appear on Google search results and acquire results instantly. A more lucrative solution, even if a smaller one, Ads allows you to determine the success rate of your keywords far more quickly to ultimately develop what will be a reliable SEO marketing campaign. Using Google Ads alongside SEO will progress traffic to your site more quickly and generate better sales when your business site is ranking.

Learn More About Target Market

Your ideal target market is the basis of your business as what drives it. These individuals are often more than just customers, and it’s important to any business owner to inquire more in-depth on the individuals and learn more about their demographics. Previously, business campaigns have relied on tangible questionnaires to retrieve this information from customers, only to have fairly poor, restricted results. Google Ads gather pertinent information regarding your target market’s online habits, location, mobile or computer device they use when they use said devices and more data that is of vital importance. By gathering this valuable data as a report, your business can reflect on the information and improve on specific products or services or refine certain marketing strategies.

Prospective Customers Are All Online

Who doesn’t use Google? That’s a rhetorical question! Google is virtually every single person’s online platform that is a part of their daily lives in some way. Whether they use Google for a brief search or spend several hours browsing the web, that is your avenue of opportunity to drive them to your website. As the world’s leading search engine, there is no question that this platform is the only viable option to promote your ads on. There are approximately 40,000 search queries every second on Google that you don’t want to miss out on. In addition to the Google search engine itself, Google’s partners Youtube and Gmail also display Google Ads, which reaches your target audience further.

Remarketing Strategies

Google Ads remarketing deploys specific, targeted ads to previous customers or users that have previously accessed the website. These targeted ads will use Standard Remarketing, which is the process of showing ads to previous website visitors or Dynamic Remarketing, which displays ads for certain services or products that the user may have previously clicked on the website.

How BreezeMaxWeb Products Can Optimize your Google Brand Campaign

BreezeMaxWeb is the trusted digital marketing agency in Canada for viable online marketing solutions. With an array of specialized products to increase a brand’s online presence, BreezeMaxWeb specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Social Media Marketing(SMM). As a certified Google Premier Partner with over 14 years of knowledge and Google campaign experience, BreezeMaxWeb is client-focused and deploys only the most advanced, trusted online growth solutions to strengthen brand success and drive exceptional sales.

Driving prospective customers to your product or service is simplified with BreezeMaxWeb Products. The following two Breeze Products drive traffic to your website and products, here’s how:


BreezeNet is an SEM-based Google Ads pay-per-click management product that ensures a client’s products and services are present for on-demand search queries from ready to buy individuals browsing online. Why invest in BreezeNet?

  • Display client’s Google Ads with search phrase relevancy on Google’s first page for instant visibility.
  • Increase traffic to client websites and apply conversions promptly.
  • Will geo-target specific locations based on ideal target audience factors.
  • Uses Google Ad scheduling to show ads where and when you want for specific searches.
  • Ranking in all three SERP positions, including Google Ads, Local Map and Organic.
  • Applies no retail mark-up for media buy and direct billing from Google.
  • Completes set-up, bidding, split ad testing, tracking, analyzing and adapting.


BreezeTarget is a Google Remarketing Ads (REM) pay-per-click (PPC) ad platform that deploys strategic creative Google Ads to follow website visitors for free until the visitor clicks back to the client website for a small rate. Here are the BreezeTarget benefits:

  • Google remarketing ads follow a website visitor free of cost until clicked on.
  • Placing a client’s brand right in front of the target audience consistently increases brand value, legitimacy and authority.
  • REM can trigger micro online moments.
  • Certain product/service purchases require a longer decision-making process, such as high ticket items, service contracts and the brand that is seen consistently will often win the business.
  • A campaign specialist will work exclusively on your Google Ads.
  • Use proprietary bidding strategies to lower the CPC continually.
  • Media buy is directly from Google without a retail mark-up.


Since the introduction of Google Ads in 2003, the online marketing world has transformed for the better. The pay-per-click service runs business ads in geo-targeted areas based on the client’s target market. Brand awareness, authority and visibility are simplified with BreezeMaxWeb products. Communicating your brand’s point of view and reaching your target market has never been more accessible, affordable and effective.

Author’s Bio

Ellie King is a Content Writer for Google Ads writing blogs and content for the company’s clients’ websites. Graduating from Brock University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, Ellie ventured as a freelance journalist for a year covering politics, social issues, music and culture, and has published articles based on said subjects.

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