Why You Should Use WordPress for Web Development?

The wordpress platform is truly one of the most in-demand open source blogging, site-building and content management systems on the market nowadays. A primary reason that it is gaining in popularity is because of its user friendliness and flexibility, along with helping non-technical users to develop attractive websites. This training manual can save you several hours of experimenting annoyance in developing your very first personalized WordPress website.

It can also be used as a blogging platform or as a content management system, allowing a layperson to have the ability to enhance their website if and when they wish to. in addition there is a tremendous WordPress plugin and theme market available which makes it easy to transform your WordPress website into an e-commerce store with shopping cart or even the a portfolio website with gallery .

The style of education is progressive with each and every training lesson developing on the preceding culminating in a mini project in which you will be able to get to apply the things you have been trained in during the previous training courses to develop your very first personalized WordPress website.

  • Have an overall understanding of how WordPress works and hosting requirements
  • Work with the selected theme to obtain the desired look
  • Provide the student with the skills to competently manage a WordPress site
  • Enhance the functionality of the site via plugins and widgets
  • Demonstration understanding of topic/s covered in session
  • Successful completion of session exercises
  • Completion of mini project
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